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Introduction to FRP Platform Products

The glass fiber reinforced plastic platform is used for the operating platform of the acid-alkali tank in the chemical water workshop of the power plant. It is insulated and anti-corrosive and anti-aging. The operating platform is assembled from a variety of reinforced corrosion-resistant pultruded profiles and glass fiber reinforced plastic grille according to the design needs. , Easy installation and other features. It is mainly used to make the operation and maintenance platform for the equipment of power plant chemical water workshop, water treatment, chemical industry, petroleum and other units.    Product features and advantages: 1. Corrosion resistance, no rust: FRP ladders have excellent corrosion resistance, can withstand various degrees of acid, alkali, organic solvents and salts and other gas and liquid media corrosion, never rust, according to the actual use occasion For medium type and temperature requirements, there are o-phthalic, isophthalic, vinyl, etc. for selection. 2. Lightweight and high-strength: FRP profiles formed by pultrusion process have extremely high glass fiber content (above 60%), which makes their unidirectional specific strength and specific rigidity quite outstanding. The density of FRP is only about one-fourth that of steel. Lightweight and very easy to handle, thereby reducing the cost of transportation.   3. Fatigue resistance: FRP ladders have high fatigue resistance, allowing repeated bending without ## deformation.   4. Bright color: The color of the glass fiber reinforced plastic ladder is added during the production process of the profile without painting. It has a good visual effect and has a certain warning effect.   5. Anti-aging: FRP ladders are made of high-quality pultruded FRP profiles, and the product service life can reach more than 20 years. Anti-ultraviolet agents are added to all pultruded FRP profiles to obtain ## anti-ultraviolet effects.   6. ​​Easy maintenance: The pultruded glass fiber reinforced plastic ladder is made by blending pigments into resin. The color of the product can be arbitrarily blended according to customer requirements. It is not easy to fade, does not require paint maintenance and has a self-cleaning effect.   7. Excellent electromagnetic properties: FRP ladders have excellent electrical insulation, no electromagnetic properties and electric sparks, and can be used in equipment areas with conductive dangers and sensitive to magnetism, as well as flammable and explosive places.

Installation and application of FRP 100-meter piles and FRP milestones

Installation and application of FRP hundred-meter piles and FRP milestones: FRP hundred-meter piles and FRP milestones installation and application FRP hundred-meter piles are used between two adjacent mileage piles, and are buried at a certain distance on the ground to confirm the direction of the pipeline Marking is also used as a ground warning mark for special areas such as ditches with shallow pipeline buried depths and when pipelines pass through densely populated areas. Manager Gu's letter mark pile is used to mark the location and direction of the communication optical cable. It is also called optical cable pile. This kind of FRP 100-meter pile can be used for more than 30 years. The surface font is processed by special paint made from Akzo fiberglass composite material imported from Holland, and the font color is guaranteed to be valid for 10 years. There are two pairs of perforations at the bottom, and small broken steel bars with a diameter of 0.5 and a length of 30cm are cross-exposed to the ground, 1000mmm and a depth of 600mm. Preparation of FRP 100-meter piles and FRP milestone materials: After the construction contract is signed, first, according to the construction plan, go to the prefabrication plant near the construction site to sign a batch prefabrication contract for the 100-meter pile milestone. According to the characteristics and construction conditions of the project, the prefabrication plant will be batched Prefabricated milestones, highway boundary markers and 100-meter piles are a more reasonable construction method, which can ensure quality, reduce costs, and ensure construction needs. Significant features and product advantages of the FRP composite sign board series: A FRP composite sign board series is a composite material that uses glass fiber and its products as reinforcing materials and synthetic resin as the matrix material. It is exquisitely formed by one-time compression molding. to make.

The anticorrosive coating for the inner wall of the chimney has excellent corrosion resistance

At present, the gypsum-limestone wet desulfurization process is commonly used in China. Generally, there is no flue gas heating system device. This desulfurization process has a high removal rate of SO2 in the flue gas, which can reach more than 95%, but it is harmful to smoke. The SO3 removal rate of the main component of gas corrosion is only about 20%. The temperature of the flue gas after wet desulfurization is about 40℃~50℃, and the chimney operates under positive pressure. The flue gas has high water content. The residual SO2, SO3, HF and other acid gases in the flue gas are easy to condense in the chimney. Acidic condensate will cause severe corrosion to the chimney. The flue gas after wet desulfurization is a kind of low temperature and high humidity dilute acid with high corrosion strength, strong permeability, and difficult to prevent. According to the evaluation of the corrosion performance of flue gas after desulfurization by the International Industrial Chimney Association, the flue gas after wet desulfurization The flue gas belongs to the level of highly corrosive flue gas. The chimney should be designed for structural safety according to the highly corrosive flue gas, and the inner wall of the chimney must be treated with anticorrosion. The chimney lining anticorrosive material needs to have the following performance characteristics to ensure the safe operation of the entire power plant and the safety of the chimney itself. It has very good adhesion to the base material and excellent chemical resistance, especially the 1041 anticorrosive coating is acid-resistant It has excellent flexibility, resistance to inevitable vibration of steel chimneys, and excellent high temperature resistance and temperature resistance. It should be able to meet the long-term fluctuation of the working temperature between 45-160℃ and the short-term operating temperature of 480℃. Based on years of field observation and research on the corrosion characteristics of flue, chimney, desulfurization and dust removal equipment, tens of thousands of times of anti-corrosion simulation experiment research and development, and a large number of scientific and technological applications, Beijing Zhisheng Weihua Chemical Co., Ltd. relies on its own technical strength and combines many years with domestic large-scale power plants Based on the practical experience of cooperation with steel mills, cement plants, and smelters, we have successfully developed Weihua ZS-1041 flue gas anticorrosive coating to prevent corrosion of chimney flue condensate water. This Weihua 1041 anticorrosive coating is different from the traditional anticorrosive materials of polyurea, foam glass bricks, glass flakes, OM coating or mortar. It has high temperature resistance, light coating, waterproof and anti-seepage, acid and alkali resistance, thermal expansion and cold resistance. Good shrinkage performance, strong adhesion, long service life, good durability, damaged coating can be directly repaired conveniently. 1. Zhisheng flue gas anticorrosive coating has excellent resistance to chemical corrosion, especially condensed sulfuric acid corrosion; 2. ZS-1041 Weihua flue gas anticorrosive coating has very high resistance to water vapor penetration; 3. ZS -1041 flue gas anticorrosive paint coating has excellent high temperature resistance and rapid temperature change performance, which can meet the long-term operating temperature fluctuation between 45600℃, short-term operating temperature 800℃, and protection action temperature 850℃; 4. ZS-1041 The coating of flue gas anticorrosive coating also has high resistance to flexure and thermal expansion resistance, and can resist the inevitable vibration of the steel chimney although it has been reinforced; 5. ZS-1041 flue gas anticorrosive coating and steel substrate It has very good adhesion, and the anti-corrosion coating is heat-resistant, shock-resistant and wear-resistant.
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