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Glass fiber reinforced plastic desulfurization tower

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Glass fiber reinforced plastic desulfurization tower

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The main part of the FRP chimney is made by winding process, and the wound FRP products are composed of laminated structure. Due to the relatively large length ratio of the FRP chimney, we have explored a complete set of mature and reliable production and installation processes to ensure the installation accuracy (especially verticality) of the chimney. Another: We can also design according to customer requirements according to the diameter and height of the FRP chimney. At the same time, the shape can also be designed according to customers' specific requirements. The FRP chimneys produced by our factory are widely used in electric power, fertilizer, chemical industry, smelting, petroleum and other industries as corrosive or high temperature flue gas treatment equipment.



1. In winter in the north or in places that need heat preservation, FRP chimneys can achieve good heat preservation effects without the need for heat preservation layer or heat preservation layer, which is due to the slow heat transfer characteristics of FRP materials.

2. We can produce products with more corrosion resistance according to customer requirements;

3. The cost and ex-factory price of FRP chimneys are lower than other types of chimneys;

4. The glass mesh has a long service life; therefore, the service life of the glass fiber reinforced plastic chimney produced by high-quality glass fiber reinforced plastic is also longer;

5. As FRP has a smaller specific gravity, it is easier to transport than other metal products, so the amount of steel supporting them is less, and the cost of comprehensive installation is lower.


Production Process

Due to the high working temperature of many chimneys (usually 50-180℃), the composition of the flue gas is complicated, and the general resin cannot meet its requirements. Therefore, the key to choosing the lining resin and structural layer resin is whether it can meet the corrosion under high temperature Requirements, the selection of structural layer resin materials also need to meet the requirements of high temperature resistance, and the elongation at break of the structural resin must match the elongation at break of the lining resin. Taking into account the convenience of installation, we process the chimney in sections according to the customer's installation requirements, and then assemble it on site; we can also design the installation process according to the customer's wishes.

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